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Pricing Policy, Deposits and Terms of Purchase

Below are the Terms and Pricing for puppies and adults.  We are small breeders striving to breed show quality Pomeranians.  We only breed a few litters each year and strive to be fair and honest in our dealings with all our customers.  Please do not contact us to tell us that you can buy a puppy from the local newspaper for $200.  We know this.  You may not be looking for a show quality puppy, but that doesn't mean you will get pet quality price for a show quality puppy.  Our prices are set according to what we see in the quality based on many things, structure, color and attitude comprise a few of these qualities.

We strive to bring top quality into our breeding program and are confident in our ability to produce top quality Pomeranians.  Our goal is to produce genetically and temperamentally sound Pomeranians that meet the American Pomeranian Club standard.  Spending the extra $ to purchase a sound and healthy Pom will save many more $$ spent at your vet's to treat the genetic conditions we don't breed in the first place.  We know this since we have spent this money ourselves.

All of our dogs are AKC registered, and we register all of the puppies. Some puppies are sold as "pet" puppies, with limited registration.  When you purchase a "pet" quality puppy you will be signing a contract agreeing to spay or neuter the puppy so do not expect to buy a "pet" quality puppy and then decide to breed it. Most litters will have puppies that are not the quality to be bred, or shown. This may be for cosmetic reasons, such as lighter pigment, or an incorrect bite. The pup may not be outgoing enough to perform well in the show ring. His size may be less than perfect (to small or too large) but he will still be a loving pet. Our puppies are raised in a family home environment where they are part of the family.  You won't find our dogs "stored away" from our home, in an "out building", where we hardly ever see them.

We view Breeding and Show as synonymous terms.  We won't sell a Male for breeding that we don't think could be shown.  You will see that our prices reflect that.  Puppies sold as "breeding/show" prospect Males come with full registration and  co-ownership.  The terms of this co-ownership are simple.  We remain co-owners on registration and retain breeding rights.  All expenses: vet, show, travel, everything, is the responsibility of the buyer.  Gemini puppies are NOT for RESALE. 

  • If the purchaser decides not to show or breed a show quality puppy, the dog is to be returned to us.  Gemini will pay for return shipping only, original purchase price is non-refundable, but may be applied to the purchase of another puppy.  This is ONLY if the puppy is returned to us intact. 

On occasion we will place an older dog to a loving home as a pet.  These will be retirees who deserve a family where they can be doted on throughout the remainder of their days.  Being a breeder means being conscientious enough to keep our quality improving while keeping our numbers small enough that all can get the love they deserve.  This will occasionally mean placing a much loved adult in another loving home.

At the bottom of this page you will find a link for Adoption application.  Please read and accept all of these terms prior to applying to adopt.   Thank you for your consideration.

Here you will find the guideline that we use for the pricing of a puppy.  Many things go into the evaluation and the setting of a price.  Even if a puppy has CH parents, that doesn't automatically mean that is a high priced show puppy.  As a breed average we actually only see about 25% of our puppies grow to be show quality.

This prices listing is just a guideline, actual prices may vary. I price my puppies at my discretion. 



Price Range
(limited registration)
Orange, orange sable, red, red sable, black $800+
white, cream, cream sable, black/tan, wolf sable $1200+
Breeding/Show Potential Female Orange, orange sable, red, red sable, black $1,500+
white, cream, cream sable, black/tan, , wolf sable $1,800+
Breeding/Show Potential Male
(co-ownership is required)
Orange, orange sable, red, red sable, black $1000+
white, cream, cream sable, black/tan, , wolf sable $1,500+
Breeding/Show Potential Male Orange, orange sable, red, red sable, black $2000+
white, cream, cream sable, black/tan, , wolf sable $2500+
Our policy is to remain on show/breeding Males as co-owner until they are AKC champion.
Other than Puppies
Adults may vary widely depending on age, health concerns and disposition.  
Occasionally we have retirees, male or female  Those we will place in the range of $500 depending on age,  health needs, etc.  Our retirees will be either spay/neutered before they leave or be sold under an agreement to have that done within 30 days.  Whether they are spay/neutered prior will affect the price.


How we set the prices of our Puppies
Prices are set according to the overall quality of the dog.  Many thing go into this consideration; coat, temperament, bite, movement, structure, my investment in the lineage, etc.  Please don't expect a Pet quality price for a show potential puppy.

Although we do not breed for tiny Poms, occasionally they do come up. "Tiny" is an estimated adult weight under 4lbs.

** Note Weight is a genetic that is really tough to estimate.  We absolutely do not guarantee an adult weight, we do try for our best guess (get that? this is a guess).  Based on our experiences with our lines we have a formula that has given us the most accurate results in our guesses.  We have no experience with lines other than ours.  Even with the most consistent of lines there are throwbacks to our 60lb ancestors. 

We estimate the weights of our puppies with the following formula:

  • 8 week weight x 3 +.5lb - which means a puppy weighing 1lb 1oz at 8 weeks will be estimated at 3lb 8ozs as adult.  We would indicate 3.5 to 4 lbs with our evaluation.
  • 12 week weight x 2 +.5lb - which means a puppy weighing 1lb 2oz at 12 weeks will be estimated at 2lb 9ozs as adult.  We would indicate 3-3.5lbs with our evaluation.
  • If the adult weight is over 6.5lbs all bets are off, as we have seen absolutely no consistency there and have been right on just as often as we have been totally off so we will decline to estimate.
Deposits and Terms of Purchase:
We require a deposit of 1/2 the purchase price to reserve the dog (non-refundable make sure you are ready for a dog).  Balance must be paid within 3 weeks of the initial deposit and 10 days prior to shipment.  If the balance is not paid within the 3 week period the dog will become available for resale. Other payment arrangements may be made on a case by case basis.  All monies must be received by the seller, in full, prior to transfer of the animal.  Should the payment not be received within the agreed time we will credit the entire deposit toward the purchase of another puppy within a one year time period.  If the credit is not used within that one year period the credit becomes null and void making it no longer valid.

The evaluation of breeding and show potential is our best estimation at 8 weeks as to what that puppy will grow out to be.  We use the Pat Hastings "Puppy Puzzle" method of evaluation, but in show prospects a definitive evaluation cannot be made on puppies less than 9 months of age.  Breeder assumes no responsibility as to reproduction capabilities of this male or female puppy.  Show prospect is defined as "having no major or disqualifying faults for his/her age - on the date of this sale".  Show or breeding male prospect will have two testicles descended into the scrotum at maturity or a replacement will be made when one becomes available.  If buyer elects to keep the dog with a warranted defect, as described above, the seller will credit the difference of the Show/Breeding potential price, paid by the buyer, and Pet price toward any future purchase of another dog to be used within a two year period.  Credit will be applied after the seller provides Vet certification indicating the dog has been spayed or neutered.  If the credit is not used within that two years period the credit becomes null and void.  No other warranty either expressed or implied exists between the buyer and seller of this breeding or show potential dog. 

All puppies out of Gemini Poms will have that kennel name as a prefix of their name on their AKC registration papers.  

We guarantee this puppy/dog to be in sound body and good health, and free from communicable disease as far as appears to the eye.  We provide a 72 hour warrantee against distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus2, parvo virus.  The buyer has 72 hours (Sunday not included) from the time of transfer to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian of their choice, at their own expense.  If the buyer’s vet exam reveals that the puppy is sick or diseased or a genetic defect is found and a vet of the breeder’s choice concurs with the diagnosis, the buyer may return the puppy to the breeder at the buyer’s expense.  Notice of intent to return must be given to the breeder within 96 hours (Sunday not included) of the date of the transfer, along with a statement in writing from they buyer’s vet as to the heath problem.  The breeder will apply the balance toward the purchase of another puppy/dog within a one year time period.  Shipping of the replacement puppy is the buyers expense.  If the credit is not used within that one year period the credit becomes null and void.  There is no guarantee against accidents, sickness not contracted on the breeder’s premises.
www.abelardshowdogs.com/badgood.html  I loved this sentiment on "guarantees" since these are living creatures and knowing that, I cannot guarantee anything-I cannot control environment once they leave my home (or while at my home for that matter!) and I cannot know what goes on in their bodies because of the genes they were born with until it shows up. Not all health related issues can be screened.

All pet puppies must be spayed or neutered - without exception.  Registration papers may not be given until vet proof of spay/neuter is received by the seller.

Shipping is done at the buyer's risk and expense and we do reserve the right to hold the dog for shipment until weather permits it being done safely.  Additionally no puppy will be shipped prior to 12 weeks of age and a minimum of 2.5lbs of body weight.  US Air shipment is an additional $350, and includes:  vet check, health certificate, rabies shot (only if required), kennel and transportation to PDX.  Payment in full is expected 10 days prior to shipment.  If payment is not received a minimum of 5 days prior to shipment, puppy/dog will be held until full payment is received.  Any additional shipping costs incurred for puppies held from shipment for weather or non-payment will be the responsibility of the buyer.  Shipping charges will vary from country to country. Many European countries can be upwards of $1000-1500 for shipping.

Buyers are always encouraged to come to our home to pick up their puppy.  This also gives the buyer the opportunity to see the surroundings that the puppy is coming from.  We will gladly meet a buyer at the airport and have no problems allowing a small puppy to travel with you in the cabin where you can keep a watch on them.

Payment Types
Due to an encounter with an attempt at Fraud, we have been forced to no longer accept personal or business checks.  The only means of payment we are able to accept are cash, money order or cashiers check.


Once you have read and agree to our Pricing Policy, Deposits and Terms of Purchase continue to our "Application for Adoption".  Completing this application is your agreement to these terms.  You will be contacted for more information, and with information on puppy availability, after the completion of the application.  

Email for Application

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