"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole." -Roger Caras


It takes a village to breed quality dogs :)

I have been gifted with great friends who I know and trust.  I have also been blessed with the lessons of learning who I cannot/would not trust ;) Those lessons are just as valuable... if not more!

So this page is dedicated to those who have helped me along the way.  I have co bred/co owned/bought/sold/traded you name it with these folks and I would do it again!


Brent "Honey"-Gemini Poms

I am a blessed, blessed girl because I hit the jackpot when I married this guy... he had no idea what he was in store for or what he started when he gifted me my first Pom, Zuzu. :)  Brent is my rock.  He is my best friend, my partner and a loving father to our 4 children.  He is supportive of me but still makes sure I don't "lose my head" which is easy to do in dogs... I co-own all Gemini Poms with him as he has become the unpaid kennel help.

Dorothy (& Neal)-Two T's Poms

 I met Dorothy at our first dog show and my life changed forever! :) She taught me about grooming, evaluating, training and so much more.  She shared her wonderful CH Tuffy with me and I was able to produce CH Zoe, AKC Pt'd Nikki and UKC Grand CH Bubba.  She is a solid friend and I have come to love she and Neal ("Honey") dearly.  I love our traditional Nationals trips together!


Robin-Rockin Robin Poms

You could not come across a more loyal and compassionate friend than the one I have in Robin.  She wears her heart on her sleeve but beware anyone cross one of her friends because she also has the heart of a lion.  She has generously shared her very special CH Danny with me over the years where I was able to produce some of the prettiest pups ever-CH Souvy, Belle, DJ, Ms. Dani and now Suki.  My first show litter was because of CH Danny who has become one of my "founding fathers" all thanks to Robin.

Celeste Solano-CR Poms

Celeste is a Super Star handler! I love how she represents my dogs in the ring and how well she exhibits them for us. She is a great lady to spend time with and I adore her kids and husband <3 I can't say enough good things about her!! :) My dogs love her and she is one of the few people that is a blast to hang out with after the show ;)

Michelle-Shelle Lee Poms

Michelle is one of my oldest friends.  We met when our sons were toddlers the day I moved in next door to her. When I got started showing Poms, she was there.  And I got her hooked! LOL 

Vicky-RuffRydn' Poms

Vicky is one of the toughest most honest people I have ever met and I love her for it.  She knows what she wants and she goes for it.  I respect her very much.  I love spending time with her-she is a kick in the pants!  Lucky for me, I was able to get from her my very nice girls, Chica and Trace.  And she had great luck with her Gemini Pom "that laid the golden puppies", who gave her the first RuffRydn CH.  We also co-own our handsome devil, Jan Shar's A Real Barn Burner.


Stacy-Mythos Poms

What a treasure to have found this lady! She is kind and generous and she was so wonderful to loan me her great little CH Finch's Max-A-Million and his daughter, Copter. She got a little cream Gemini boy to begin her cream program. *good luck** :) She is true blue and someone I trust wholeheartedly!


Geri-Arnette Toys

This special lady has a "Pied Piper's touch" with dogs... they love her~and so do I!  She handled CH Souvy to the top 20 and has pointed or finished several dogs for Christy and I.  I value her opinion and ask her to go over my hopefuls :) She is kind and wise and highly commendatory with several CH's to her credit in several breeds.  She and her husband Bill are very precious to me. I always look forward to our annual Nationals trips together :)


Tessa and David-Voyager Poms


Tessa and David... these 2 are great! :) They started in Eskies and then moved "down" LOL to Poms.  Now they have grandpuppies and great grandpuppies of mine.  I am thrilled to see how well they are doing and I am even more pleased to count them as friends.  I made a wonderful trade of a Belle baby for one of their b&t Bubba grandpuppies.  Tessa is a warm and loving woman and her husband David... is a goofball! heehee  These are 2 true friends.


Naomi-WnGA Poms



Naomi and I first traded stud of each others CH boys. CH Snoball with Sakari where I made CH producing Avalanche and then I was given a generous co lease on her CH Sno daughter, Tymme where I made (multi continental) CH Oren, Teeny, Keri and Mandy. :)  She is a wonderful friend.  I enjoy her a lot.

Darlys-Damata Kennel

Darlys is a force to be reckoned with! LOL You would have to know her to understand.  I could sit for hours to hear her stories and to have her share some of her years of wisdom.  She is a great cool... she is well known by our specialty go'ers for her yummy turkey.  There is a special place in my heart for Darlys.  She can sometimes come off as hard but I think she does that to test "new" people... she has seen so many come and go.  She is fun to be with.

Christy-BC Poms

Christy and I have been through a lot together. We have shared dogs and been companions to many a dog show over the years. She is a smart and warm woman.


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