"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole." -Roger Caras

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"Lazy Zuzan"

This was our first Pom Zuzu.  I named her after the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".  She was my birthday gift in 1995.  She is the one who started my passion for Poms and she was the matriarch of our Pom pack for 11 years. 
She has crossed over now but will always be remembered as the one who started it all.

We had to have one of these!!

This is Sixinman's Code of Misconduct "Coda"

Coda has sired 2 adorable litter of choc labs for my in-laws-
Coda is now just a consultant as he has been neutered.

This is Winnie.  She is pretty much just an upstairs cat.  The kids sleep with and cuddle her.  Ain't she cute?! :)

"There are no ordinary cats." -Colette

This is our latest kitten, Mini Winnie (aka Kitten).  We also have her mother who she looks JUST like-hence the name. :)  She loves chasing puppies and playing tag with them.

This is Sunny.  I have always LOVED calico's.  We adopted her from the pound and a year later when we were in the process of moving, she escaped and got pregnant.  My best friend took home one of the kittens who later begat Winnie, who then begat Mini Winnie... we have 4 generations in our home of this cat.  They are the last of this line of Manx kitties.   She is a funny girl who we love very much.  She teaches the puppies that not everyone loves them.



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