"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole." -Roger Caras


You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' - Dave Barry

This used to be an "About Me" page but I had to change it to an "About Us" page! :) My husband, Brent, has become quite involved in the planning and showing of all these Gemini Poms.  So this page is about where we got started.
All Gemini Poms are co owned-because it takes a village. :)
We are Trish and Brent Inman and we own, breed and
handle Gemini Pomeranians.
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  I got my first Pom as a birthday gift from my husband (after YEARS of begging for a little red fluffy dog... I didn't know they came in other colors!) in 1995.  She was the prettiest, cutest, littlest thing I had ever seen.  I knew years before I got her that the day I got a Pom I was going to name her Zuzu from the movie "It's A Wonderful Life", one of my favorite movies.  So we got our Zuzu who got to be about 12 lbs.
I later learned what to look for in a Pom and have come a long way!  Live and learn.

In 2001 I joined the Columbia Pom Club and changed MY WHOLE WAY OF THINKING.  I decided I wanted to show and I wanted to win.  I purchased my first quality bitch and bred her to CH Danny owned by Robin of Rockin Robin Poms.  That was what started this whole endeavor!


A Breed Standard is a blueprint,
The Breeder is the builder and
the Judge is the inspector.
-Percy Roberts

  This breeding produced my first show litter-my first homebred, owner handled CH :) and the show bug bit me!

At Gemini Pomeranians, we breed Poms with the standard as our guide, trying to get show potential beauties for ourselves and our close-knit network of friends who are also small show/hobby breeders.  I must thank my friends and co-breeders in this endeavor as they have helped me come a long way in getting where I am. 


My husband and I enjoy spending time with our 4 kids. He coach's one or both boys in baseball every summer and I spend lots of time at their schools being PTSO chair and spending time in the girls classrooms. I also love volunteering at our church.  We started doing foster care in Feb 2010 and have found it to be very rewarding. So we usually have our 4 and up to 3 fosters... plus whatever kids follow the others home for pizza and movie night every Fri! :) Our kids are involved in sports where we can be found on the side lines cheering them on. We enjoy big celebrations for the holidays with family and friends and Christmas time is always a BIG deal around here-there's decorations in every corner of the house. We spend time several weekends camping with the whole gang and several of the dogs.  I love showing the dogs but I also love being a Mommy-so for now, I show when I can but the kids' events come first.



  My friends in Poms have helped me produce quality dogs by sharing dogs, sharing experiences as well and tears and laughter!  I am always thinking at least a generation ahead with each breeding and how it will impact my line of Poms in the future.

Sometimes we have some fluffy, sweet, puppy love to offer others since not all of them are keepers.  Breeding a quality and sound line of Poms is always a work in progress.  We strive to couple the best sire and dam pair that will create a Pom litter that is better than what the parents are; pups that will emulate the lines I admire and that will compliment the lines I strive to improve. 



Every generation we must set a quality line, and Poms which fall below that line must not be bred from.  Every generation that quality line must be raised higher.


As is the goal and mission of ethical Pom breeders everywhere, we strive to breed a BSD clean line of Poms.  This defect is running rampant in the world of purebred Poms (as well as many other arctic breeds) and it is taking over many lines.  We do not knowingly breed to coatloss dogs.

I believe coatloss dogs should be tested-tissue and blood samples to the Canine Genetic Diseases Network, so they can find a way to mark the carriers who are secretly passing on the disorder.  Find out more about Alopecia/Black Skin Disease/Severe Hair Loss syndrome on AKC Canine Health Foundation on BSD and at the American College of Veterinary Dermatology and this is a blog on BSD from Pomerama.
See some progression pictures and get more research information here.  This is not just about "a Pom loosing its hair" this is bigger than that; this is about saving this beautifully coated breed that we love so dearly. 

Each breeding is carefully planned to fit what we may be looking for in an effort to have more of our pretty babies in the ring.  We breed these dogs for us.  Occasionally we have a pup to offer to loving homes.  

Happiness is a day at the Beach!!

With upwards of 7 or more kids here all the time. We started our faqmily in 1994-the puppies get a lot of handling. We also have chickens and cows and cats... which give the "big dogs" lots of barking entertainment through out the day. :/

  Our dogs are used to it all!  The dogs love the little ones... perfect height for kisses. I believe with proper training, children can learn to be careful with these little guys so I have no problem with one of my pups going to a home with children.

   I am an active member of the American Pom club. I was 2003, 2004 and 2010 Show Chair for the Columbia Pom Club and have held multiple offices.  I participate in the local (and sometimes not so local!) AKC shows in my area.  Most of the shows I attend are in OR and WA-but I have gone as far as KY :) and CA.

All of our puppies are socialized with our (and the neighborhood) children and are raised with our family.  They are born in my bedroom (or in the living room when it's in the middle of the night so I don't wake the husband, haha), I cut the cords, help get the their first breath and care for mama through the whole ordeal.  Those babies and mama's are in a playpen on the side of my bed, within earshot of me  throughout the first month of life and then they are moved to a bigger playpen in the dining room outside my bedroom door so they can have more room to play unsupervised.  During the day they get to run around the kitchen and dining room (thank GOODNESS for hard wood floors!).  I handle them everyday of their new little lives (I love kissing puppy faces, and oooohhh puppy breath!).  We have also moved nearer out vet so that emergencies are met within 10 minutes-day or night!
Once they have their eyes open, the kids are aloud to pet them and once they are moving on their own, they are handled by them everyday; the kids love laying on the ground and talking into their hands so puppies cover them with sweet puppy kisses.  We also take them on play dates to our friends homes to help in the socializing. 

Once they have their vax, they get to go to school for "Show and Share" with the kids.  That is a huge thrill for the little classmates (and the puppies always LOVE the new faces they get to kiss kiss kiss!)! 


Our dogs are first our pets, they run around our home, they come with us to friends houses, they each have a crate of their very own they use as a den to sleep in each night and many of them accompany us on our family outings; camping (that's a hoot!), beach trips, visits to friends and family's houses... 

So, that's us.  Feel free to drop me an  or give me a call (503) 395-2225 if you have any questions.  And if you have any questions about me or my breeding program don't hesitate to ask.        XXOO -Trish

I am a new Thirty~One Consultant!! :)



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